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Let me explain a little what each entails and see how it can be useful to you:

Copywriting is writing pretty much anything for print - paper or digital. This would include writing for your website, blog, articles,newsletters, flyers, presentations, manuals and so on. The list is expansive as you can well imagine.
Editing is playing with the structure and content of a document. Making the document look pretty and easy to read as well. So we would look at the structure of the paragraphs, headings, tables, font style and size, paragraph spacing etc. All these elements lead to a well put-together document.
Proofreading is the "quality check" of the document. We look at spelling, grammer, punctuation and typos...

There's much to be said about a well put together document. With the design element that Blue Sugar offers,

and the copywriting, editing or proofreading aspect thrown in, we make a killer combo!

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